Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stop- Study Time

I got some really good news the other day. One of my tests that I thought I did badly on, I really didn't. Turns out there were multiple errors in the test and I actually got a B, not a D! Woohoo!  However, the other exam I had, was definitely a D. So, I set up a meeting with my professor, went through the exam and have gotten some great pointers to prep for the next exam. I'm also going to be setting up some times with a tutor for the class as well. What I found frustrating (and slightly amusing) is that when she went over the exam with me, she read the questions and I was able to give the correct answer..even though I chose the wrong one on the exam. We're thinking part of the issue may be my test taking skills and the other part is just learning what I should be focusing more on when I study. This week will be dedicated to getting a time set up with the tutor and going to our academic resource center to get some materials on vamping up my test-taking skills. Whatever it takes, I WILL maintain and even improve my GPA this semester. Not that 3.4 is bad.. but I want to be at 3.5 or higher.

I've also got to figure out a way to balance my sanity with everything else right now. I get very irritable and upset when I'm cooped up for long periods at a time so between all the homework/reading and being stuck inside thanks to Wisconsin winters.. I'm due for a change of pace somehow. I'm thinking of signing up for the student gym or checking another gym in our area that's pretty reasonably priced. I figure I can read and walk on a treadmill at the same time (or at least listen to my lectures on my phone w/ some earbuds.)

I'm also hoping for a warm and early spring. :)

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